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Faster, Stronger, and Healthier Shoulders

VolliBands elongated band system brings you hands-free training, to incorporate critical volleyball exercises in your workouts and warmups that you simply can't do with other bands. Use on the sidelines before subbing in, before practice, at home, gym, beach or virtually anywhere! Start training the right way to develop a faster, stronger, and healthier arm swing. With the number of swings players are taking, especially during long club and high school seasons, shoulder maintenance is more critical than ever. The VolliBands Package provides volleyball clubs, teams, and players with the most convenient, effective, affordable, and professional strength training tool on the market. Combined with our partnership with Reid's-Workouts, VolliBands is the one-stop-shop for shoulder care and maintenance.

Included with every VolliBands Package is an upper-body training card from Reid's-Workouts, focusing on shoulder, back and core strengthening, a door anchor for home use, post anchor, and travel bag for player convenience. With the VolliBands quick to put on wrist straps and a unique clip built-in for easy attachment, this system is foolproof for training or warm-ups in any location. Your VolliBands will soon be an integral part of your training, rehab, practice, and match the warm-up process. We already work so hard to prevent ankle and leg injuries, why are we not taking care of the critical shoulder muscles we use endlessly in volleyball? Learn more by clicking Products/VolliBands above.

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Reid Hall

Credentialed by FIVB Player Reid Hall

We are stoked to have such an incredible partner in Reid Hall. So he doesn't have to brag about himself, we will!

He is a 5x Canadian National Gold Medalist in Beach Volleyball. A former Team Canada Beach Volleyball Athlete. Now in particular he focuses on running the premier training and conditioning facility the Athlete Matrix and the creator of Reid's-Workouts. His program is used by countless athletes around the world. He has an Honors Degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences from York University.

On top of being an endless resource for workouts, he has worked with VolliBands to develop custom workout cards that are included in all VolliBands Packages. He also has partnered with VolliBands to get our athletes exclusive access to his materials at Reid's-Workouts. Be sure to check out our socials for exclusive training videos and exercise ideas with our resistance bands.

VolliBands Ambassadors

From AVP Professionals to overseas professional volleyball athletes, VolliBands is blessed to have a wide range of high-level athletes as brand ambassadors. Click below to read more about their journeys and about the athletes they are. Each uses VolliBands to help them sustain in their rigid training schedules and increase their swing speeds and power.

Tim Bomgren
Tim Bomgren
Pri Lima, Optimum Beach, AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Player
Priscilla Piantadosi-Lima
Daniel Maciel VolliBands Ambassador
Daniel Maciel
AVP Main Draw athlete
Kerri Schuh
Professional Volleyball Player
Relyea Speller

VolliBands Partners

Nathan Hale HS Boys' Volleyball
Nathan Hale HS Boys' Volleyball
Arrowhead HS Girls' Volleyball
Arrowhead HS Girls' Volleyball
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VolliBands - Winner of Project PitchIt

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VolliBands Debuts

What a process and exciting adventure this was. This was the first time the world was introduced to VolliBands, a resistance band for volleyball athletes, and the Junior Training System, resistance bands to develop volleyball specific skills. After countless hours of prep, plenty of editing on their part, we had a successful debut and received a share of the 1st place prize! This was the kick-start our company needed and created some excellent exposure.

Thank you to all the Moguls, Peggy Ann, Jerry Jendusa, David Gruber, and Debbie Allen. Without your belief in this great company we would never have made it this year. If anyone has any questions about the experience, please feel free to reach out to us!