VolliBands Mission

We aim to educate on a total training philosophy and prevent chronic injuries.

Mission Expanded

What is a total training philosophy?

A total training philosophy means examining all aspects of what it takes to become a great athlete. What happens on the court should never overshadow the training it takes off the court. From clean nutrition to a dynamic warm-up, every little part goes into producing an elite athlete. The biggest void in the training world currently is the strength and stretching of essential muscle groups. In particular for volleyball players, shoulders and all connected areas. For the number of reps taken by a shoulder from every player, why are we not developing strength and better stretching techniques? It's time to start building that Total Training Philosophy. Which begs the question...

How do we achieve proper Total Training and start prevent chronic injuries?

We can all agree, chronic injuries should be a thing of the past! VolliBands are here to solve this core issue. With our partnership with Reid's-Workouts and our band products, we have developed a simple, powerful, and tested solution to chronic injuries. Begin every practice, game, and workout with our custom training program and your very own VolliBands Package or Junior Training System. Training is dedication and so is injury prevention, but we have made it easy with a system that takes seconds to set-up, and a core set of exercises to give you true career longevity. 

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The VolliBands Team

Jenna & Aaron - 175

Aaron Lang - CEO

What up VolliBands Fam! Shoulder maintenance has always been an issue for me, especially after I blew out my shoulder during my collegiate volleyball years. I've tried numerous bands and strengthening routines, but nothing seemed to work. That's when I started to search for solution that would be most effective, cost friendly and also convenient. I couldn't be more excited and honored to bring the volleyball community VolliBands! See you out on the courts 🙂


Patrick Bieser Jr. - COO

Volleyball has grown into a borderline obsession ever since I stepped onto a court my freshmen year of high school. As a young athlete in the game the biggest thing I neglected was stretching and preventative care. I never really got the point of it until I started having chronic injuries. Now as a partner in VolliBands I couldn't be more excited to share our mission of a total training philosophy and stop those pesky chronic injuries.

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