The #1 Volleyball Training Band.

VolliBands elongated band system brings you hands free training, to incorporate critical volleyball exercises in your workouts and warmups that you simply can't do with other bands. Start training the right way to develop a faster, stronger, and healthier arm swing. With the number of swings players are taking, especially during long club and high school seasons, shoulder maintenance is more critical than ever. The VolliBands Package provides volleyball clubs, teams and players with the most convenient, effective, affordable, and professional strength training tool on the market. Combined with our partnership with Reid's-Workouts, VolliBands is the one stop shop for shoulder care and maintenance.

Professional Shoulder Training. Affordable Price.

Included with every VolliBands Package is an upper body training card from Reid's-Workouts, focusing on shoulder, back and core strengthening, a door anchor for home use, post anchor, and travel bag for player convenience. With the VolliBands quick to put on wrist straps and a unique clip built in for easy attachment, this system is fool proof for training or warm-ups in any location. Your VolliBands will soon be an integral part of your training, rehab, practice and match warm-up process. We already work so hard to prevent ankle and leg injuries, why are we not taking care of the critical shoulder muscles we use endlessly in volleyball?

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Injury Prevention

The consensus #1 way to stop chronic injuries from occurring is to do preventative exercises and warm-ups. While we would like to say this is a genius new idea from VolliBands, we simply can't.

Countless academic studies and doctors continually cite proper preventative exercises as the key. There is even an entire site,, dedicated to ideas of how to prevent and why they occur. What is their number one tip, "Use proper strength training techniques."

Let's put an end to the madness and give our athletes the tools they need to extend their careers and prevent senseless downtime recovering from chronic injuries.

Cost Benefit

Average cost of a physical therapy session (1)
Average cost of a doctor visit (2)
Average cost of a shoulder surgery (3)
Fixed cost of a single VolliBands Package

With an estimated 30 to 40 million kids participating in sports in the United States; there are serious financial ramifications at stake. With the volume of youth athletes, an estimated 34% of middle-school participants become injured and seek medical treatment at an annual cost close to $2 billion. (NCBI)

For as little as $35 you can start cutting those medical costs. We all need to stop being reactive to injuries and be proactive in our medical care. Injury is a natural part of any sport, but chronic injuries are something that can be limited.

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Sustainable Training

The most difficult part of using any training tool is consistency. With every VolliBands Package comes a Reid's-Workouts upper-body training card with critical shoulder, back and core exercises needed to build a truly sustainable habit of training. Stop showing up to matches and half swinging until that shoulder is warm. Come out banging on the first set of the day and dominate start to finish with a proper warm-up routine provided with each VolliBands Package.

The added benefits of the VolliBands Package also include the quick clip anchor, door anchor, post anchor, and convenient carrying bag. As a portable system, staying consistent has never been easier. With repetition comes habit!